Mercedes-Benz Electronic Stability Control Explained

What Is Mercedes-Benz ESP®?

Mercedes-Benz has a many patented words and acronyms attached to its cars. Whether it be COMAND® Navigation or DYNAMIC SELECT®, you can’t take full advantage of the features until you understand why and how they work. One feature in particular that you will find on all new Mercedes-Benz vehicles is ESP®. What is Mercedes-Benz ESP®?

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Electronic Stability Control

ESP®, or Electronic Stability Control, is the name Mercedes-Benz gives to its powertrain management system. Its main goal is to keep the car on all four wheels and facing forward at all times.

How Does Mercedes-Benz ESP® Work?

Mercedes-Benz vehicles monitor themselves from head to toe with extreme precision. In fact, you can count on systems like ESP® and AIRMATIC® suspension to monitor and make adjustments hundreds of times every second. If the electronic stability program detects wheel spin or skidding tires, it will automatically adjust the speed of each wheel independently to get the car back in control as quickly as possible. ESP® also monitors things like tire pressure and anti-lock braking systems.

Mercedes-Benz Electronic Stability Control

How To Deactivate Mercedes-Benz ESP®

There are not many instances where you would want to turn off your ESP® assistance, but if you want to get the tires loose in your 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S, you can find ESP® settings on your infotainment menu behind the steering wheel. Once you turn it off, your dashboard will light up with all of the systems that have been deactivated. Before you get back on the road, though, make sure to turn it back on because it is imperative to the way Mercedes-Benz vehicles operate.