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a user using the Mercedes me connect App on a phone

How to Activate and Use the ‘Mercedes me connect’ App on the Mobile Phone

‘Mercedes me connect’ App – Activation and Usage 

Every New Mwercedes-Benz feels happy due to the impressive ‘Mercedes me connect’, where every journey becomes smoother, smarter, and more enjoyable. Drivers can get vital information about the vehicle and perform vehicle-related tasks using their phones. Doesn’t that redefine convenience for the better? 

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A man working on a vehicle

How To Extend the Life Span of Car Tires

Tips to Prolong the Life of Car Tires  

Tires are the heroes of our vehicles, carrying the weight of our travels on their rubber shoulders. From gripping the road during sharp turns to weathering rough terrains, tires play a vital role in ensuring both safety and performance. As responsible car owners, it’s essential to understand how to extend the life span of car tires, not only for economic reasons but also for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. At Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead in Peoria, AZ, we prioritize not just selling cars but ensuring that every aspect of your vehicle, including its tires, receives the care and attention it deserves. Here are a few tips to prolong the life of your tires.  

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2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE exterior side view

How Do You Make the Best Out of a Pre-owned Mercedes-Benz?

A Guide to Maximizing Your Pre-owned Mercedes-Benz Experience  

Are you the proud owner of a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz, ready to elevate your driving experience? Buckle up as we unveil the secrets to making the best of your luxury ride. At Mercedes Benz of Arrowhead, we understand that a pre-owned gem deserves more than just a spot in your garage – it deserves to be a testament to elegance and performance on the road. Join us in this guide to maximizing your pre-owned Mercedes Benz experience. 

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Family in a vehicle

Video: Key Steps to Prepare for Emergencies on the Go

A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing for Roadside Emergencies

Heading out on the road brings excitement, but preparing for emergencies is crucial. With the video below on car emergency preparedness, you can face unforeseen challenges confidently. From flat tires to unexpected breakdowns, the right knowledge and tools can make all the difference. Also, you can get your vehicle serviced at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead, our dealership in Peoria, Arizona. 

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Mechanic holding tire

How to Take Care of Your Mercedes-Benz Tires

The Ultimate Guide to Mercedes-Benz Tire Care: Keep Your Ride Safe and Smooth

When it comes to luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz, every detail matters. From the sleek design to the powerful engine, owners take pride in their investment. However, one crucial aspect often overlooked is tire maintenance. Proper care not only ensures a smooth ride but also enhances safety and performance. Here’s a comprehensive guide by our team at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead in Peoria, AZ, on how to take care of your Mercedes-Benz tires.

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Family in a vehicle

Your Ultimate Guide to Pre-Road Trip Vehicle Checks

Get Your Vehicle Ready for a Road Trip with These Maintenance Checks  

Going on a road trip is an exciting adventure, but ensuring your vehicle is roadworthy is essential for a smooth journey. Watch the video below and learn about pre-road trip vehicle checks. Also, interested individuals can get their vehicles serviced at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead, our dealership in Peoria, Arizona.  Essential Steps for a Thorough Pre-Road Trip Vehicle Checkup  

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Check engine light

How to Maintain Your Mercedes-Benz Engine?

Top Tips for Maintaining Peak Performance in Your Mercedes-Benz Engine

Are you a proud owner of a luxurious Mercedes-Benz? Maintaining the heart of your prized possession—the engine—is crucial for ensuring a smooth and powerful driving experience. Follow these expert tips by our team at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead in Peoria, AZ, to keep your Mercedes-Benz engine in proper shape.

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vehicle in snow storm

How to Avoid Pile Up During Winters?

Tips to Help You Navigate Winter Roads Smoothly  

Winter might be all about cozy vibes, but when it comes to hitting the road, things can get tricky. At Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead, we’ve got your back with amazing rides and tips to keep you safe. In this guide, we’re dishing out some savvy advice to help you navigate winter roads smoothly and dodge those pileup pitfalls.  

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vehicle in snow storm

Winter Blues: Protecting Your Mercedes Benz from the Cold

A Guide to Shielding Your Luxury Ride  

Winter can be harsh, not just on you but also on your beloved Mercedes Benz. As temperatures drop, your luxury vehicle may face challenges that can impact its performance and longevity. At Mercedes Benz of Arrowhead, we understand the importance of safeguarding your investment. This guide will share valuable tips to ensure your winter habits aren’t inadvertently harming your Mercedes Benz.   

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