2017 Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe "Manual" Driving Mode

How To Use “Manual” Mode In GLC Coupe

2017 Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe “Manual” Driving Mode

One of the new features of the 2017 Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe is the ability to put the car into “Manual” mode. No, this doesn’t mean a clutch magically appears or even an H-style gearbox. It’s not a smart car after all. So what does it do and how do you use it?
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9G-TRONIC 9-Speed Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission has evolved more in the last five years than the automobile has in 100 years. Every year they get faster, smarter, and lighter. In the Mercedes-AMG GLC43, you get benefits that weren’t available five years ago. This includes the fact that it has nine gears, but it is also much more than that. It can shift faster than humanly possible and unless you’re Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton, it knows more about shifting than you do.

How To Turn It On

First, you’ll need to know how to turn it on. It is actually separate from the DYNAMIC SELECT® controls and only affects the transmission. On the center console, look for a button with the letter M on it next to a couple gears. Press it and you’ll notice the car stops shifting for you.
Manual shift paddles GLC Coupe

Electronic Paddle Shifters

Many modern cars with paddle shifters only give you half of the control. They will give you a chance to shift, but if you cross the throttle position/RPM equilibrium, the computer deems you unfit and gears up for you. In the GLC43 Coupe, you don’t have to worry about this. It will let you go all the way to redline as slowly or quickly as you want. It will even let you hold it there! This is perfect for preparing for or executing an obtuse turn. The Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe will be available by the end of the first quarter of 2017. If you have any questions about it, drop a comment in the box below.