2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class exterior side view

Does Mercedes-Benz Use Genuine Wood in Their Vehicles?

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Wood Interiors 

Mercedes-Benz vehicles have been providing drivers with the luxury they deserve for a long time. From exciting performance and excellent safety protection to innovative technology and luxurious comfort, they offer all the qualities you’re looking for in a new luxury vehicle. While Mercedes-Benz is famous for offering stylish vehicles, they have also impressed shoppers over the year with their incredibly refined interiors that heck the box of every detail, no matter how small. Many drivers ask whether Mercedes-Benz does in fact use real genuine wood in their vehicles, and the simple answer is yes, they do. With such an incredible eye for detail, it’s no wonder that Mercedes-Benz continues to be the epitome of luxury vehicles. If you’re looking for a new Mercedes-Benz in Peoria or near Phoenix, AZ, and want to see an example of a genuine wood interior, stop by Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead and we’ll be happy to show you. 

Mercedes-Benz Luxury and Refinement 

2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class exterior front view

While some luxury automakers have tried to save money in manufacturing by using fake wood, Mercedes-Benz continues to set itself apart from the competition by using real genuine wood for its interior wood inlays. While being sleek and stylish on the outside is important, a driver spends all their time on the inside of the vehicle and that’s why Mercedes-Benz holds nothing back and continues to provide drivers and passengers with the luxury and refinement they deserve to have while on the road. 

To learn more about which Mercedes-Benz luxury cars, crossovers and SUVs offer genuine real wood inlays, stop by Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead and let one of our knowledgeable sales professionals help. While you’re here, they will also show you so you can see for yourself just how incredible real wood interior trim looks. 

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