A keychain hanging from rearview mirror of a vehicle

Is it illegal to hang things from a rearview mirror in AZ?

Rearview Mirrors: Can You Hang Air Fresheners or Decorations from Them?

Just a few years ago, it was very common to see stuff hanging from people’s rearview mirrors. There were a few staples, like air fresheners, religious objects, and vacation souvenirs. However, in more recent times, it’s a lot less common. But is it illegal? That’s what we here at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead in Peoria, AZ want to find out.

Is it illegal to hang things from a rearview mirror in AZ? Let’s take a look.

a keychain hanging from rearview mirror of a vehicle

Hanging Objects from a Rearview Mirror

Arizona—along with some other states like California and Pennsylvania—completely prohibits anything hanging from your vehicle’s review mirror, regardless of what it is, under state law. That includes the usual stuff you’d think of, like air fresheners or general décor, but it also includes things like parking passes or handicap passes. For important things like the parking or handicap passes, we recommend you remove them while driving and put them on once you park. Luckily, though, if you miss your air freshener, many Mercedes-Benz models now have a built-in air freshener as an option.

Cell Phone Use While Driving

As of January 1, 2021, it is illegal to make or answer a call, read or send a text, or otherwise hold or support a handheld device with your body while driving. Essentially, any operation of a device while driving is illegal. There are three exceptions to this law: hands-free device operation, GPS navigation, and emergency 911 calls.

Learn More about the Hands-Free Law in AZ

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