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How to unlock your Mercedes-Benz car from a distance

How do remote features like remote lock and unlock work? 

How can you unlock your Mercedes-Benz car doors from a distance? We’re here today to show you how to use remote lock and remote unlock through the Mercedes me application on your phone. Watch the video for a quick way to learn or read our transcription below to review the steps. Find your next Mercedes-Benz here at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead in Peoria, AZ. 

How to Lock and Unlock Your Doors Remotely with Mercedes me video by Mercedes-Benz 

Watch this video for a quick guide to using remote lock and unlock. It’s so simple that the video isn’t even a minute long. All you need is your phone with the Mercedes me app.  

Steps to using remote lock and remote unlock on a Mercedes-Benz 

As shown in the video above, here at the steps that you can take to use remote lock and remote unlock on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. We’ve taken the time to write them here in case the video moved too quickly for you. Let us know if you have any questions. 

  1. Open the Mercedes me app on your smartphone. To use remote lock or unlock, you will need the app to be downloaded and paired with your vehicle. 
  2. Tap “Lock Status” on the app. 
  3. View the lock status of your vehicle shown by the app. You can see which doors are locked or unlocked. 
  4. Use your pin or face ID to change the lock status of your doors. You’ll need to use your pin or face ID for security reasons, so that only you can remotely lock or unlock your vehicle’s doors with the app.