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How to reset the TPMS system in your Mercedes-Benz

Chances are your mechanic forgot to turn the light off after they fixed the underlying issue. Still, here’s how you can reset the TPMS system in your Mercedes without needing to go back to your mechanic.

DIY TPMS dashboard warning light fixes

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Let’s face it; even if your TPMS light doesn’t turn off, you probably aren’t jumping to fix it right away. It’s just a light, the actual problem is already fixed (or if it isn’t, you should do so). Who’s it gonna hurt if you leave a little light on? But what happens when you actually need that warning light again? You’ll probably end up ignoring it, since it’s been on forever. Plus, there’s always the low-key anxiety of having a warning light on, even if you know it’s a false warning. So, here’s how you fix it.

The easiest way to reset the TPMS system is simply by contacting the dealership that did your maintenance in the first place. Since this is a light that’s supposed to be turned off once the maintenance is finished, you shouldn’t have to pay for your mechanic to turn it off.

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However, if you would rather do this yourself, you can do so. This simple fix will hopefully help you turn off that pesky TPMS light. Here’s how you can reset the TPMS button in 3 easy steps:

  1. Find the service button on your screen, you might have to scroll down.
  2. Once you click on the ‘service’ button, find ‘tire pressure’ and select it.
  3. This will actually display what your tire pressures are. Once you adjust to the correct pressure, you can reset the TPMS light. Once you close out of this screen, your TPMS light should turn off.

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Vehicle maintenance near Phoenix, AZ

Sometimes, the issue is the TPMS light itself, which could potentially be faulty, or the sensor that turns the light on. If this is the case, then the steps above won’t help it. This is when you want to contact your reliable service team for assistance.

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