Flat tire on gravel

Most common car problems within the first year of ownership

Here are some of the most common car problems that happen within the first year(ish) of ownership. Let’s take a look at what we’ve found, and what other car tips you might want to know.

Car breakdown with woman on cellphone with man reaching into open hood of carTop fixes in your new car

Here are some of the top fixes you’ll need to address in the earlier years of your vehicle’s life.

  • Accidents
  • Basic maintenance (oil change, tire rotation, etc.)
  • Flat tires
  • Headlight bulbs (actually, this is within the first 2 years, but close enough to make it on our list!)
  • Brake Pads

These are a few things you might find that needs to be fixed in your car in the first year or two of your car ownership. While we hope you are never in an accident, some things you can’t prevent, and accidents do happen. This is where vehicle warranties come in. To learn more about vehicle warranties check out our research pages. There’s also other basic vehicle maintenance you need to consider, such as tire rotations, oil changes, and filter replacements.

We also see many people with flat tires from driving over potholes and other debris in the road. So, it’s always a good idea to learn how to change a flat tire. Living in the city can be hard on your vehicle brakes and brake pads. So, it isn’t uncommon to need new brake pads more frequently when you live in the city as opposed to living in more rural areas.

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How long can a car last until it dies?

Generally, if you take care of a well-built car, it can last for about 200,000 miles. Some might last a little shorter, some a little longer, but this is a good number to keep in mind. If it’s time to get your next car you can find new and used models at your friendly Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead!