Why is my car only blowing hot air when I try and use A/C?

There could be several reasons why your car is only blowing hot air when you try to use the AC. From cabin air filters to critters living inside, here are the top reasons while this could be happening to your car.

Top reasons why you’re A/C isn’t working

2020 MB GLC interior front cabin steering wheel and touchscreen

The easiest and cheapest fix is if the cabin air filter needs to be replaced. This could be simply because it hasn’t been replaced in a while, or because there is a critter living inside your car and blocking the filter. Either way, before you schedule an appointment with the shop, be sure to check the air filters first.

Refrigerant leaks are another common cause, either because of an old hose or evaporator. If you notice your car is unusually humid as well as hot, it could very well be because of this.

Electrical issues are another common cause. Either with a blown fuse or faulty wirings, this is another main cause of the air not working right.

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