Mercedes-Benz Augmented Reality on the infotainment display

How does Mercedes-Benz use augmented reality in its cars?

What is Mercedes-Benz augmented reality?

Have you ever heard of augmented reality? The term can mean many things, but commonly it’s when things that aren’t real are projected onto real spaces in real-time. Believe it or not, these technologies actually have a place in the modern automobile, and Mercedes-Benz can show you how. Learn what Mercedes-Benz augmented reality is and what it looks like. We also have some other videos for Mercedes-Benz tech. If you want to check out a new Mercedes-Benz inventory in Peoria, AZ, then click the link below to see our Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead inventory.

What does Mercedes-Benz augmented reality look like?

How does Mercedes me work?

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