Reasons to Buy a hybrid in Phoenix AZ

Why You Should Go Green With Your Next Vehicle In Phoenix AZ

Reasons to Buy a Hybrid in Phoenix AZ

Traditionally, the reason to buy an alternative-fuel vehicle is to save money on gas. With recent drops in gas prices, hybrid cars have been put on the back-burner because the benefits don’t outweigh the costs and handicaps that come with owning a hybrid or electric car. As it turns out, there are many reasons to buy a hybrid in Phoenix AZ that minimize these costs. The best part is they have nothing to do with efficiency!

Emissions Inspection Exemptions

In the city of Phoenix, emissions tests are required on all vehicles manufactured after 1966. Because the city is growing so rapidly, there are concerns about pollution. If you own a hybrid, an electric, or a hydrogen-powered vehicle, you may be exempt from these inspections, saving you money and time. Don’t worry though. You don’t have to take back your new GLA-Class because new vehicles up to four years old are exempt as well.

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Insurance Discounts in Phoenix AZ

Many Arizona insurance providers offer discounts for driving environmentally-friendly vehicles. Some common discounts are given for hybrids, alternative fuel vehicles, and economy cars. This could mean somewhere in the ballpark of 30% off your insurance bill.

Parking Hack

Have you noticed those designated carpool parking spaces? With a plug-in electric vehicle, you can park in these spaces without penalty, even if you’re the only one in the car. Serendipity!
Reasons to buy a hybrid in phoenix az

Time-of-Use Charging Plan

There are certain times of the day when the majority of all the city’s energy gets used. If you charge your vehicle at night or any time outside of these peak hours of usage, you can save you upwards of $1,000 per year on juice.

Phoenix AZ Tax Exemptions

Both the federal government and the state of Arizona offer generous tax incentives for driving environmentally-friendly cars. That’s kind of like making more money! It also means reduced licensing tax and credits for charging your hybrid at home.

As the technology in hybrid cars gets more advanced, we will see more and more benefits of driving hybrid cars. This will cause a rise in demand and a potential hike in price for alternative-fuel vehicles. You may be able to get ahead of the game if you buy one now. Mercedes-Benz offers the B-Class Electric Drive, the S 400 HYBRID, the E 400 HYBRID, and the C 350e HYBRID. Contact Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead to get more information on available hybrid vehicles.