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How to replace the windshield wipers on your Mercedes-Benz

Summer has come and gone, and cooler temperatures are here to stay for a while. Many times, cooler weather brings rain, morning dew, and sometimes even snow! Are your wiper blades ready to handle all of the elements? If not, we have put together a guide on how to replace the windshield wipers on your Mercedes-Benz.

Close up of windshield wiperHow do I know if my wiper blades need to be changed?

There are a few telltale signs that you really need to change your windshield wipers. Some of the signs include the following:

  • The rubber is cracked instead of smooth
  • There is residue left on your windshield
  • They make an awful noise
  • The wiper is not wiping anything away, especially during inclement weather

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Person Checking Windshield WiperHow do I change my windshield wipers?

If you follow these easy steps, you will be on your way to being able to see through your windshield much better!

Consult your owner’s manual

  • The manual will tell you what size and type of windshield wiper you need. We always recommend genuine Mercedes-Benz parts.

Turn on your vehicle, then turn on your blades, and stop your vehicle when the blades are in the middle of your windshield

  • Many times, your windshield wipers are under your hood and you cannot access them. By completing this step, you have full access to your wipers!

Put a towel underneath your windshield wipers

  • This is to protect your windshield.

Find the button or hook that is holding the arm and blade together, and remove the wiper blade

  • You may need to do some wiggling to get the blade off.

Slide on the new blade and listen for a click

  • Make sure that all packaging has been removed from the new wiper blade, include any plastic protecting the rubber portion.

Remove the towel, put the wiper back onto the windshield, and give it a test run

  • You have officially changed your windshield wiper blades yourself!

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Person Replacing Windshield WiperI read all of this, and I do not want to change my windshield wipers myself!

Do not worry, we completely understand! We have a service center for just these types of things. Give us a call today and we would be happy to replace your windshield wipers for you!

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