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How To See The New Atlanta Falcons Stadium Before It’s Finished

Does Madden NFL 17 have Atlanta Falcons Mercedes-Benz stadium?

Every year since 1988, the voice of John Madden is projected at gamers around the globe, advertising the next version of Madden NFL football. Every year is pretty much the same. The graphics improve, however slightly. A new hot item is introduced as a “Hit Stick”. Maybe a new version of franchise play is introduced. In this case, the game caught our attention out of curiosity of the new stadium being built right now in Atlanta. Will Madden NFL 17 have the Atlanta Falcons Mercedes-Benz stadium?
LOL: Dogs driving Mercedes-Benz cars!

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Madden comes out today. That means if you don’t already have it, you can download it now! Of course, EA sports wants everything to be as accurate as possible, but it also wants to make money. Eventually, video games and reality will cross paths, and that will be confusing, but until then, we still have a handle on what’s going on, we think, but we don’t know. The accuracy part has to do with the fact that you can’t play at the new stadium in season or franchise mode until you get to season two because the stadium won’t be ready for this year. The money part comes into play, however, when you find out that you can play there by going through play now. Real or not, we are excited to get a first look at the newest and most impressive stadiums in the league.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

There are many reasons to be impressed by the new Mercedes-Benz stadium, but how about we highlight some of our favorites? Actually, we’ll just talk about one. The square footage of the wrap-around jumbotron will be an amazing 63,800 square feet. The screen will be 58 feet tall! That’s a whole lot bigger than the huge screens in the new E-Class. Take that, Cowboys! The stadium should be ready for actual use by the fall of 2017.