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Battery service

Dead Battery? Doors Locked? Don’t Panic

How to unlock Mercedes-Benz with dead battery

Keyless entry and push-button start systems have saved the world countless seconds of time by removing the key from the equation. Remember trying to find the ignition in the dark only to realize how all those scratches showed up in the first place? The only real problem with new technology is that no one knows how to use it. So if you’ve locked your keys in your car, don’t worry because Mercedes-Benz has thought of everything. Here is how to unlock your Mercedes-Benz when the battery dies. Read the rest of this entry >>

Rain on the windshield

Negative Effects of Rain on an Automobile

Can Rain Harm My Mercedes-Benz?

It is January, and in Scottsdale, that means rain, rain, and more rain. There are a couple theories about this. For some, rainfall is looked at as a free car wash. We fall into the other category, which states that rain should be treated with caution. The reason for our skepticism stems from what lives in rain. Can rain harm your Mercedes-Benz? Read the rest of this entry >>

Washing of car is shown.

Mercedes-Benz Car Washing Tips for Arizona Residents

How Often To Wash Mercedes-Benz in Arizona

When was the last time you washed your car? Many people would agree that the easiest thing to neglect on your car is the paint. Maybe you use your 2016 GLE to get back and forth from work, or maybe you have a GT S that you use sparingly. In both scenarios, the car wash gets postponed over and over again. This could be because paint doesn’t affect the way the car drives, or it could be an increasing price at automated car washes. Whatever the reason may be, car washes always get postponed. How often should you wash your Mercedes-Benz in Arizona? As it turns out, where you live actually has more of an influence on this than how often you drive your car. Read the rest of this entry >>

Side view of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

Why You Should Go Green With Your Next Vehicle In Phoenix AZ

Reasons to Buy a Hybrid in Phoenix AZ

Traditionally, the reason to buy an alternative-fuel vehicle is to save money on gas. With recent drops in gas prices, hybrid cars have been put on the back-burner because the benefits don’t outweigh the costs and handicaps that come with owning a hybrid or electric car. As it turns out, there are many reasons to buy a hybrid in Phoenix AZ that minimize these costs. The best part is they have nothing to do with efficiency!

Read the rest of this entry >>