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Can I use summer tires in the winter in Peoria, AZ?

Summer tires vs winter tires for the winter months in Arizona 

Can you use summer tires in the winter in Peoria, AZ? Yes, you can use summer tires in the winter months around the Phoenix area, and let us tell you why. Keep reading below to learn about summer tires vs winter tires for the winter months in Arizona. You can get new tires here at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead in Peoria, AZ. 

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Are winter tires good for rainy weather? 

No, winter tires are not meant for rainy weather. They do best in dry, cold weather with snow and ice. Just because winter tires are good in dry weather does not mean you should use them in Phoenix, however. They do well in dry weather, but they do not hold up well in heat, which is why summer tires would be a more appropriate choice for our warm winters. 

What temperatures are summer tires made for? 

With temperatures dipping in the winter months, you might be concerned about your summer tires. You can always use all-season tires, which are good for a milder temperature range, but then you’d have to switch back to summer tires during our hottest months. Summer tires are good for temperatures of 45 degrees Fahrenheit and up. That means most of the time in Phoenix, they will do just fine. 

When should I switch to winter tires in Phoenix, AZ? 

If you want to use winter tires, you should only do so when temperatures are low. Most years, the temperature won’t get that low, but with Texas freezing over last year, you never know. The only other situation where you might want winter tires is if you plan to travel North for an extended period of time.