Close up of a flat tire on a gravel road

How to change the tire on your Mercedes-Benz SUV

No one truly wants to be stuck on the side of the road. Knowing how to change a tire can make a huge difference. Here’s how you can change the tire on your Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Step-by-step DIY tire replacement

Close up of flat tire on silver vehicle
  1. Once you’ve pulled over, apply the parking brake to ensure your car won’t move
  2. Inside your car should be a spare tire and a tire jack. Pull those out and place them next to the tire that you need to replace
  3. Put the tire jack underneath the car, ensuring it’s contacting the metal of the frame and not the plastic part of the body
  4. Use the jack to take pressure off the wheel, but don’t raise the car so far that it is completely off the ground
  5. Turn the nuts on the hubcap counterclockwise to loosen them. You’ll need a wrench to do this.
  6. Use the wheel jack to get the tire completely off the ground
  7. Remove the lug nuts and hubcap entirely
  8. Remove wheel
  9. Line up the old wheel with the wheel bolts, then place the lug nuts and tighten them by hand
  10. Lower the car until the new wheel is touching the ground, and tighten the lug nuts again
  11. Allow the new wheel to rest completely on the ground and remove the wheel jack
  12. Tighten lug nuts as much as possible and replace the hubcap
  13. Place old wheel back in the trunk space along with the wheel jack. Now, it is safe to drive to the mechanic.

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