2022 Mercedes-Benz GLB front logo

What is the history behind the Mercedes-Benz star logo?

Video guide to the Mercedes-Benz star logo 

What is the history behind the Mercedes-Benz star logo? Check out the video guide below to learn about this iconic company trademark. We’ll follow that up with a review of what we’ve learned. You can find Mercedes-Benz vehicles here at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead in Peoria, AZ. 

Mercedes-Benz Star – A Trademark That Made Its Mark video by Mercedes-Benz 

What year did the Mercedes-Benz logo first appear? 

In the video above, it mentions that the Mercedes-Benz star has been around for 100 years, but when exactly did the star make an appearance? The first Mercedes-Benz logo with a three-pointed star dates from 1909, according to logodesignlove.com. 

What does the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star represent? 

The three points of the Mercedes-Benz logo represent the domination of the land, sea, and air. More generally, the logo represents the company’s goal of putting Mercedes-Benz engines into every vehicle type and therefore becoming universal in all three types of vehicles, land vehicles, air vehicles, and water vehicles.  

Does Mercedes-Benz offer a boat or a plane? 

Mercedes-Benz is a luxury brand, so the boat that they offer is too. In fact, Mercedes-Benz has had its hand in more than one boat, including the Mercedes-Benz AMG ® boat and a yacht, the Arrow460-Granturismo. You probably won’t see these boats frequently, but they do prove that Mercedes-Benz has stuck to its goal of spreading over the land and sea, and perhaps they are just a taste of future endeavors by the brand. 

As for a plane, there is the Mercedes-Benz Lufthansa Technik model. It is a private aircraft, so most of us will never fly on one. Still, it has an interesting design that is worth checking out.