What is Mercedes-Benz Magic Vision Control®?

Luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz often have features that are unique and exclusive to that brand. You might read these features on a long list and not know exactly what they do. Today we’re going to take a closer look at one of these Mercedes-Benz exclusive features called Magic Vision Control®. This might be just want you need to step up your game with your next vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz Magic Vision Control® Explained!

The Mercedes-Benz Magic Vision Control® system is available on select models, like the GLE. It helps keep your vehicle sparkling and clean without having to go through a car wash. It features wiper blades with laser-cut holes that produce a highly precise spray of washer fluid directly in front of the moving wipers. The system helps eliminate the brief, vision-blocking spray across the full windshield that happens with most vehicles. This technique also helps minimize overspray and runoff. In addition, since the washer fluid reservoir, lines and even the wiper blade are heated, it is very effective in cold weather.

Another helpful related feature is the Mercedes-Benz rain-sensing windshield wipers. These wipers will automatically adjust their speed and frequency according to how heavy the rain is falling. The rear wiper will also automatically activate if the front wipers are switched on and the driver shifts into reverse. These two features are very helpful to have.

Mercedes-Benz Magic Vision Control® Explained!
What are rain-sensing wipers?

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