2020 MB CLS exterior front fascia and drivers side on bridge with trees in distance

What is the “Emotion Start” system in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle?

It isn’t unusual for customers to have their eye on the Mercedes-AMG® lineup here near Gilbert, AZ. After all, who wouldn’t want a sporty performance vehicle? One perk some of the AMG® models can give you is a little piece of technology called “Emotion Start.” It sounds pretty much like its name, but let’s take a closer look at what this technology actually does.

Technology features in the 2020 Mercedes-AMG® Lineup

If you decide to lease or buy a Mercedes-AMG® vehicle then you’ll already have a good-looking, sporty model that catches attention wherever you go. Now, your vehicle can have even more personality with the “Emotion Start” system. While the idea is rather simple, this technology gives your vehicle a great personality. “Emotion Start” is basically something that gives the startup of your engine a bit more ferocity.

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How to use the “Emotion Start” system in my Mercedes-Benz vehicle

Using the “Emotion Start” system is relatively easy. All you need to do is hold the shift paddle on the left side of the steering wheel and press the start button at the same time. Then, as your vehicle starts, you can hear the energetic roar of the engine. You can find this technology in a fair number of the AMG® models, including the Mercedes-AMG® E-Class and the Mercedes-AMG® CLS.

 2020 MB CLS exterior back fascia going around curve on highway with lake in front

 2020 MB CLS exterior front fascia in empty lot with blue sky

New and used Mercedes-AMG® performance vehicles

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