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Top Digital technologies in your Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Checking out your potential luxury vehicle? Here are some of the top digital technologies you can find in your Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Take a look!

5 technologies you’ll want in your S-Class

MB S-Class exterior front fascia driver side on blurred road with pine trees

If you’re searching for your future vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has probably popped up on that list. And why wouldn’t it? Renowned for its luxurious drive and innovative features, the S-Class is at the top of its game here in Peoria, AZ. Here are the top 5 technologies we’d love to highlight.

The Mercedes-Benz User infotainment system is one you’ve probably already heard of. Packed with convenient technologies and dedicated to making your navigation easy on its touchscreen display, the MBUX is a great beginning to this list.

Augmented Video for Navigation is yet another addition to the MBUX system you won’t soon forget. You may have heard of this on games, but now you can use this in your vehicle to potentially assist you when you navigate the streets.

Natural-language voice control has never been more exciting! Use your normal, everyday voice and language to utilize the features in your Mercedes.

The PRESAFE®* feature helps close your windows if it identifies a potential rollover situation. If you opted for the memory system as well, then the head and seat restraints will adjust as well. A recent addition is the Impulse Side. This feature enables the vehicle’s body to raise itself before a side impact.

The E ACTIVE BODY CONTROL® suspension system works together with the Impulse Side by using sensors to detect changes in the environment as you drive.

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These are only a few of the features you can find in your Mercedes-Benz. So, if you are interested in a full list, or if you have any questions about the features in your Mercedes, we encourage you to contact our team here at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead. We would love to tell you more!

*PRESAFE® closes the side windows when the system’s sensors detect side movements that suggest a possible rollover. A small gap is left near the fully closed position. Seat and head restraints adjust only when equipped with memory system.