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How to Beat Car Depreciation?

Three Ways Your Car Value is Depreciating  

A car loses its worth every year due to normal wear and tear that comes with aging, much like other items that depreciate over time. Depreciation is the term used to describe this loss in value. The depreciation rate varies depending on the car’s year, make, and model. The market value of a vehicle takes the most significant blow from depreciation within the first year, with most vehicles losing 20% or more of their initial worth. From there, the loss keeps getting smaller. Within the first five years, cars frequently fail 60% of their initial purchase price. Join us in this blog by Mercedes Benz of Arrowhead; we’ll look into how your car value depreciates.  

Warning Signs You’re Damaging Your Car’s Trade-In Value  

When selling an automobile, everyone wants to receive the highest price. However, these warning signs draw prospective purchasers’ attention and may cost you money.  

  1. Neglecting Service  

It’s advised for prospective used-auto purchasers to request a service history record for any car they’re thinking about as one of their initial steps. Due to their higher reliability and longer lifespans, well-maintained vehicles are more in demand from purchasers looking for the best value.  

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  1. Driving Too Many Miles  

Each mile marker you reach can significantly lower your car’s value. According to Edmunds, the first routine maintenance is typically scheduled between 30,000 and 40,000 kilometers. The following mile marker is between 60,000 and 70,000, when more expensive automotive parts usually start to break down. The 100,000-mile milestone is the last critical distance.  

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  1. Windshield Cracks  

Regardless of whether your local rules apply, damage to the glass might be inconvenient for the driver. Thus it only makes sense to fix chips and cracks as soon as possible. If there are no costs to you, there is no reason not to complete the task before you sell because it is frequently quick.  

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There you have it! These pointers will be helpful to you before you plan on selling or buying a vehicle. To learn more about Mercedes vehicles, you may read our other blogs.