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Mercedes-Benz USA Announces New Performance Upgrades for EQE and EQS Models: What You Need to Know 

The Benefits of Mercedes-Benz’s Acceleration On Demand Upgrade for Electric Vehicle Owners 

Mercedes-Benz USA has announced an exciting new upgrade for EQE and EQS customers called Performance Acceleration on Demand. This upgrade promises to enhance the already impressive performance of these electric vehicles and provide an even more thrilling driving experience. 

Come to Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead in Peoria, AZ, and explore the selection of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles we have with us. In this blog, we will discuss the new performance enhancements announced by Mercedes-Benz USA for EQE and EQS models. 

Mercedes-Benz is Raising the Bar for Electric Vehicle Performance with the EQE and EQS 

Performance Acceleration on Demand is a software-based feature that can be activated via the vehicle’s touchscreen display. Once activated, the upgrade will provide additional power and acceleration for a limited time, making it easier to overtake other vehicles on the highway or quickly accelerate from a stoplight. It offers a boost of up to 80 hp and 1.0 second quicker 0-60 mph acceleration. 

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan on a city road

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan

Mercedes-Benz USA states that the Performance Acceleration on Demand feature will be an optional add-on for EQE and EQS customers. Those interested in this upgrade can install it on their vehicle at an additional cost. 

The announcement of this upgrade comes as no surprise, given Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of electric vehicles. The EQE and EQS have received critical acclaim for their impressive performance, luxurious interiors, and cutting-edge technology. This Performance Acceleration on Demand upgrade will make these vehicles even more desirable to those in the market for an electric car. 

In addition to its performance benefits, Performance Acceleration on Demand is also an environmentally friendly upgrade. Providing additional power on demand reduces the need for sustained high-power output from the vehicle’s electric motor, which can help prolong the battery’s lifespan. 

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Mercedes-Benz USA’s announcement of Performance Acceleration on Demand is an exciting development for EQE and EQS customers. The upgrade promises to enhance the performance of these already impressive vehicles, providing an even more thrilling driving experience while remaining environmentally friendly. Browse these EVs now at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead!