Mercedes-Benz GLA Photobomb

Hot Off The Grille! Can You Identify Each Mercedes-Benz By Grille Alone?

Mercedes-Benz Grille Smile Challenge

Today is World Smile Day! We like the way that sounds, and by the looks of it, our cars feel the same way. Even the GLA came out of its room to photobomb the picture above! They say you can learn a lot about a car from a smile, but can you identify each of these Mercedes-Benz vehicles from the grille alone? Give up? Click the photo to find out who the mystery mouth is! If your a hot-shot, break them down by trim!
Mercedes-Benz CLS Smiling
Mercedes-Benz SLC Smile
Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Smile
Mercedes-Benz GLS Smile
Mercedes-Benz GLA headlights
Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan smile
Mercedes-Benz CLA Diamond-studded grille smile
Mercedes-Benz S-Class Smile
Mercedes-AMG GT Aerodynamic Grille
Mercedes-Benz GLE Smile
Mercedes-Benz GLC Smile
Mercedes-Benz G-Class smile
Mercedes-Benz C-Class smile

As it turns out, you CAN learn a lot about a car from its smile. From the menacing smirk of the GT R to the no-nonsense straight face of the G-Class, the attitude is all right there, staring back at you. At least the S-Class knows how to have some fun, right? Share your own Mercedes-Benz smiles on our Facebook page!

Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet Open Hood