Mercedes-Benz Exhaust Flap

AMG Performance Exhaust Provides Manual Exhaust Adjustments

Mercedes-Benz Exhaust Flap

Most modern Mercedes-Benz performance cars are equipped with Mercedes-Benz exhaust flap technology for adjusting air flow through the exhaust, affecting sound, performance, and comfort.

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How Does It Work?

Mercedes-Benz flap technology works in conjunction with DYNAMIC SELECT Driving Modes. When a mode is selected, the exhaust flaps, located inside the exhaust near the rear bumper, allow more or less air through the exhaust piping. By allowing more air through, the engine will sound more aggressive and can possibly add a little bit of power, sacrificing efficiency and noise reduction.

How Much Power Can it Add?

Actually, the exhaust flaps have more to do with sound than actual performance. If you are driving an AMG SL65, you might notice more of a power gain than if you are driving a CLA45, but in reality, it is only a few horsepower. That being said, the sound change is like magic and gives driving a really fun twist.

Flap Removal

Although we don’t recommend doing this, nor do we see the benefit, you will find countless articles online about drivers removing these flaps from their exhaust setups. The reason for this is to make sure the exhaust is wide open 24/7, but with Mercedes-Benz, the use of DYNAMIC SELECT solves this problem. There is no need to remove them because you can control them simply by switching to and from Sport+ mode. If you really want to get the most out of your Mercedes-Benz exhaust, consider upgrading to the optional Performance Exhaust System.

Performance Exhaust System

On vehicles like the C63 S, a performance exhaust is available that gives you complete control of the exhaust flaps. By use of your mBrace infotainment system, you can get creative with your DYNAMIC SELECT modes and ability to customize the exhaust experience. If you have any questions about Mercedes-Benz exhaust flap technology or why you shouldn’t mess with it, leave a comment below!