Would You Drive an Electric C-Class in the United States?

Mercedes-Benz Electric C-Class Release Date

In much of the same way that some states in America provide tax benefits for driving efficient cars, Germany just announced an opportunity for car manufacturers to get a break for producing electric cars. Mercedes-Benz already has the B-Class and the GLE550e, but with this new development, rumor has it that Mercedes-Benz will be making 4 new electric vehicles by 2020, which is likely to include a Mercedes-Benz electric C-Class release date!

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Electric C-Class

There currently is no version of the C-Class with an electric motor, hybrid or not. The biggest reason for this is that the C-Class is made to be affordable and sporty. Right now, it is too expensive to make electric cars, but with the new tax benefits being offered by the country of Germany, Mercedes-Benz, and all of its competitors for that matter, will be ramping up their electric lineup. For Mercedes-Benz specifically, this means not only a C-Class, but also a GLC, GLA, and even an S-Class!

United States Availability

Here is where the problems for us begin to arise. If Mercedes-Benz does produce an electric C-Class, it likely will not be available in the United States, at least for the first couple years. This is true for the same reasons that the B-Class and the GLE550e are so hard to obtain in the United States right now.


As technology develops, electric vehicle range gets closer to that of a gasoline or diesel vehicle. By 2020, Mercedes-Benz expects to be able to produce a C-Class with a range of 250 miles, or 402 km for the rest of the world. This is all pretty exciting, but this also means Audi and BMW will be messing around with their electric cars too, so we don’t really know what to expect! If you have any questions or speculations about the incoming electric fleet, leave a comment below!