2019 MB AMG GLC exterior front fascia and drivers side

What is the meaning of AMG® in a Mercedes-Benz AMG® vehicle?

Is it shorthand for amazing? No? Bummer. But the AMG® in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle actually does have a meaning behind it, and we are here to tell you what it is. Ready for a bit of a history lesson? Let’s go!

2019 MB AMG GLC exterior front fascia and drivers side with orange treesWhat does AMG® stand for?

There have been a lot of people who mistake the AMG® in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle to mean “Affalterback Motor Group.” However, that isn’t actually the case. These three iconic letters hold a more personal meaning. The “A” in the AMG® stands for one of the founders; Hans-Werner Aufrect. As you may have guessed, the “M” continues along the trend and stands for Erhard Melcher, who is another one of the founders. The “G” of the AMG® is for their hometown, Großaspach. So, that would mean that when you see AMG® in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, it stands for Aufrect Melcher Großaspach.

Why do Mercedes-Benz vehicles have AMG® attached to some trims?

If you see the letters “AMG®” attached to a trim of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, this means that the trim has an AMG® engine. An AMG® engine provides more power and performance than a Mercedes-Benz trim that doesn’t have this engine. So, naturally, you probably won’t see this engine on a lower trim of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

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What trims have an AMG® engine?

If you are interested in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, it is generally safe to assume that the vehicle will have an AMG® trim. The exceptions to this would be the 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class, and an electric/hybrid vehicle such as the 2020 EQC, though both of these vehicles are still pretty powerful on their own.

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