How long has Jon Hamm been doing the voice-over on Mercedes-Benz commercials?

How long has Jon Hamm voiced Mercedes-Benz commercials?

Commercials are very useful for helping the public learn more about a product. Some of the most popular TV spots come from automotive brands. These types of commercials often feature celebrities either on-screen or as a voice-over. It can be frustrating to hear a voice you recognize, but aren’t able to place. Today we’re going to take a look at who does the voice-over for Mercedes-Benz commercials and how long he has been doing it.

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Commercial with Jon Hamm

Actor Jon Hamm (most known for his role as Don Draper on Mad Men) has been the voice actor for Mercedes-Benz since 2010. He replaced actor Richard Thomas (The Waltons, The Americans). The first Mercedes-Benz commercial Jon Hamm’s voice appeared in was for the S400 Hybrid (below). Since 2010 Hamm has been in a variety of Mercedes-Benz commercials.

The most recent one is for the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class family. The C-Class family has a sedan, coupe or the all-new Cabriolet. Each has its own distinctive style, while also being unmistakably Mercedes-Benz. The commercial shows all three versions of this model paired with Hamm’s signature voice-over. Through his smooth dialogue Hamm explains that, “whether you’re after supreme performance, advanced intelligence or breath-taking style, there’s a C-Class just for you”. Check out the full video below.

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