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Spooky Things to do with your Family and Friends this Halloween

List of Fun Halloween Activities with Friends and Family  

The month of frightening and entertaining things to do with friends and family, October, is here. Put the Wild West to blame. Arizona’s notorious past may be responsible for the state’s reputation as a hotspot for hauntings all year long. The ideal time to enjoy all things spookily is during the Halloween season, which lasts from late September through October. In this blog, a list of fun Halloween activities is compiled by the Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead in Peoria, Arizona. Keep reading for more!

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Things to do for Halloween  

  1. Tombstone: Adults-Only Walking Tour  

 On this adult-only walking tour, learn about Tombstone’s fascinating, spooky past by going on a tombstone tour with your pals. Find out about the hauntings of Tombstone’s first residents, the Red-Light District, the OK Corral, brothels, murders, suicides, and paranormal creatures.  

Children dressing up for trick or treat
Spooky pumpkin
  1. Throw the Ultimate Sip & Skate Halloween Party.  

Roller skating and a BYOB policy are features of such a party that are sure to make this Halloween your greatest one yet. For a night to remember, grab your favorite beverage, skate to holiday rhythms, and move to current hip-hop while wearing your spookiest costume.  

  1. Unlock a mystery box.  

Play this sensory game to embrace the enigma of the unknown. To determine what is inside the box without looking, instruct everyone to place their hands inside. Choose foods that will make them cringe at first touches, such as cold noodles, gooey jelly, slimy grapes, and so forth.  

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