View of a flat tire with a jack and a wrench lying near it

How to Change the Tires in my Mercedes-Benz?

Learn how to Change a Flat Tire in your Mercedes-Benz  

Do you want to learn how to change a flat tire in your Mercedes-Benz? Join us at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead in Peoria, AZ, for clear instructions on changing a flat tire on your own. Continue reading for more information.  

Requirements and Steps for Changing a Flat Tire 

Simple equipment like a jack, a wrench, and a spare tire are all you need to change a flat tire. Grab your tools, and let’s get to work. The first step of action is to turn on your hazard lights and park your car on the side of the road. If you have wheel wedges, use them to block your tires so that they may not roll off while you change the flat tire. Also, engage your parking brake.  

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Next, use your wrench to loosen the lug nuts on the wheel by half a turn. Place the jack in the crevice on the side of the flat tire and raise the wheel. Once the wheel has been raised, remove all the nuts and gently pull the tire towards you to free it. Replace the flat tire with the spare tire by positioning it in place and screwing on the lug nuts using your hands.  

View of a wrench being used to change a flat tire
View of a jack being used to change a flat tire

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Now, lower the jack until the wheel touches the ground, and then use the wrench to tighten the nuts and ensure that they will not roll away and free your wheel while on the road. Replace all the tools and the flat tire in their designated space under the luggage compartment of your vehicle.  

Drive to your nearest service center and check your tire pressure and alignment for safety reasons. If you are in the Peoria, AZ region, drop by Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead and check out our tire center and other services.  Feel free to reach out to the dealership for further assistance.