Hand replacing dirty air filter in car

How to replace the cabin air filter in your car

Is the air in your car beginning to grow a bit stale and dusty? It’s probably time to replace the cabin air filter in your car. Don’t worry, this is a task you can easily accomplish on your own, so no service & maintenance fee required, unless you prefer a mechanic to do it for you.

Steps to change the car cabin air filter

It’s time to change the old dusty cabin air filter for one that works! Here’s how to do so.

car service center vehicle up on lift and one on ground
  1. Empty out your glove box and use a screwdriver to remove the glove box pin usually located in the side of the glove box.
  2. Look behind the glove box by lowering it until you can see what’s behind it.
  3. Reach behind the glove box and locate the air filter. Pull the old air filter out.
  4. Vacuum the space that held the old air filter to ensure you’re not dirtying the new one right away. This is especially important if you don’t have a garage or frequently park outside, as sometimes mice and other critters decide to make their homes behind the air filter in your car.
  5. Pop the new air filter inside where the old filter was.
  6. Slide the glove box up to where it was before and screw it back on.
  7. Tada, you’re done! Now go and enjoy the fresh air in your car!

Don’t know where to get air filters for your car? You can order them right here.

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