Close up of gearstick

How to check the transmission fluid on my Mercedes-Benz

If you’re ready to hit the road on a long trip, wait! Have you checked the transmission in your Mercedes-Benz? How about the oil and tires? These maintenance basics can potentially help extend the life of your vehicle.

Do I need to turn my car off when I check the transmission?

2018 MB E-Class close up of engine

You actually want to keep your car running when you check the transmission. This is because the transmission fluid expands when it is heated, and so you won’t be able to accurately gauge how high or low the transmission fluid is until your engine has been running for a few minutes. Likewise, if you’re planning on adding the transmission fluid yourself when it is low, you need to keep your car running while you do that as well.

In order to check the transmission fluid in your engine, you need to locate the dipstick for it.  You can usually find it where the transmission meets the engine, and usually it’s one of the very few dipsticks in your car engine. So, chances are if you’ve located a dipstick that isn’t for the engine oil, you’ve found the right one.

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Luxury vehicle service & maintenance near Phoenix, AZ

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