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How does the 3-Zone Climate Control work in a Mercedes-Benz?

Many of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles have 3-zone climate control either standard or available. But how does it actually work? That’s what we are going to find out. We’ll also take a look at what the Air Balance system is and how it works in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

What is the 3-zone Climate Control?

2019 MB GLC 3-zone climate controlAs you may imagine, the 3-zone Climate Control gives you and your passengers the ability to control the temperature of your vehicle in 3 different zones; driver, passenger, and rear. This allows you to not only ensure your own drive is comfortable, but also that your passengers are comfortable as well.

This function allows the passengers to control the temperature and airflow in their space, while you can control your own temperature and airflow as the driver.

While the 3-zone climate control is a great feature, it isn’t the only one you can have in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. There’s also the Air Balance Climate Control, which not only lets you control the temperature and airflow of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle but also brings a fresh scent into your car! This feature allows you to say goodbye to the store-bought air fresheners that you hang on your rearview mirror or stick in your air vents.

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