What is the Difference Between the GLC and the GLK?

Difference between the GLC and the GLK

Mercedes-Benz is making waves with the new 2016 GLC. The GLC is replacing the GLK after only five years of production. Although we don’t know for sure what the reason is for the name change, we can speculate that is has something to do with the boundless list of differences in design, performance, driving experience, and safety. So what’s the difference between the GLC and the GLK? To make a long story short, one is better.

The first big difference between the GLC and the GLK is the look. The GLC has a much sleeker look that resembles a circle compared to the boxy GLK. Despite the more compact look, the GLC is actually 4.7 inches longer, 2 inches wider, and one third of an inch taller. This growth led to a comfortable increase in cabin space. With this increase in size means an increase in weight, right? Wrong. The GLC is actually 176 pounds lighter. This miracle was accomplished by using aluminum and ultra-high-strength steels.
Difference between the GLC and the GLK

So let’s recap. What’s the difference between the GLC and the GLK? The GLC is better looking, more comfortable, lighter, and stronger. Yeah, right. Next you’re going to tell me that it is more powerful and more fuel efficient too. Right again! The new GLC base model will be powered by a 2.0 liter I-4 with 241 horsepower. This trumps the GLK base model’s 2.1 I-4 with only 200 horsepower. The GLC is also equipped with Dynamic Select driving modes that feature an eco program. The V6 that was offered in the GLK will not be available right away for the GLC, but we can expect something big to be introduced after the release.

These aspects point out just some of the difference between the GLC and the GLK, but it doesn’t even scratch the surface. Pricing hasn’t been released yet for the GLC, but we wouldn’t expect Mercedes-Benz to increase the price on us. It will likely be slightly above $38,000, which is the MSRP for the base GLK. We will let you know when it arrives at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead. Until then, feel free to stop by and check out the inventory.