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Can you use Voice Commands to control your Mercedes-Benz vehicle?

Mercedes-Benz models are known for their impressive performance and incredible style, however, what may be most impressive about Mercedes-Benz models is the host of standard and available innovative convenience technology shoppers will find across the impressive lineup. Keep reading to learn how to control your Mercedes-Benz vehicle using only your voice! Say goodbye to distracted driving with Mercedes-Benz technology!

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How to Use Mercedes-Benz Voice Control


Mercedes-Benz Voice Control will give you hands-free access to your Mercedes-Benz models functions and features!

  • First, press the “Voice Control” button located on the steering wheel – a Voice Control menu will appear shortly on the touchscreen
  • You can now say a command. The pop-up menu will give you a number of examples of phrases and commands you can use.
  • Common commands include: “Navigate to 1111 Main St.” or “Call John.” Other commands allow you to adjust the temperature, activate functions and features, change the music and more.
  • Voice Control will work with both Siri and Amazon Alexa if your smartphone is connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth® – simply hold the “Voice Control” button on the steering wheel to sync the system and your assistant.
  • Most importantly, the Voice Control system offers will help guide you through the functions and commands of the system – simply say “Help” and the Voice Control system will guide you.

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