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Campgrounds for 2021 Memorial Day near Peoria, AZ

2021 Memorial Day is coming up, and with it is the need to find a space where you and your family can gather. So, here are some campgrounds to consider for your 2021 Memorial Day gathering near Peoria, AZ. Check it out!

Where to camp near Peoria, AZ?

Here are some popular campgrounds near the Peoria, AZ, area:

Family at picnic table camping in woods
  • Cave Creek Regional Park
  • Pleasant Harbor RV Park
  • Roadrunner Campground
  • Deer Valley RV Park
  • Lake Pleasant Regional Campground
  • Desert Tortoise Campground
  • White Tank Mountain Regional Park

When you are preparing for your Memorial Day camping trip, be sure to remember to reserve your campground! Many parks and camping areas require a reservation, so you can’t just hop in your car and drive to your campsite, you need to make sure you have one picked out and registered prior to your trip.

Likewise, it’s important to keep up with the campground guidelines. There may be restrictions on pets, firewood, wiring, and garbage. There may also be a limit to the number of people or vehicles you can have per campground, so if you have a large family gathering planned you may want to double-check those guidelines and see how many campsites you may need.

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Best family vacation vehicles available near Phoenix, AZ

When it comes to vacation, there are plenty of vehicles available near the Phoenix, AZ, area. However, we are going to stick with the Mercedes-Benz models. So, which ones are solid options for your family vacation? If you are searching for off-road capabilities, then the Mercedes-Benz GLA, GLB, and GLS are prime candidates. If you are searching primarily for space, then you may want to go with the GLC, GLE, or GLS. Or, if you simply want a sturdy vehicle that can get you where you need to go with plenty of gas left over, then one of the sedans such as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class or C-Class may be the right pick for you.