2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R Adaptive Aerodynamics

Meet the Transforming 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R

2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R Adaptive Aerodynamics

If you have seen some of the newest Mercedes-Benz concept cars, you may be familiar with the Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile, or IAA. It was revealed late last year as one of the world’s first transforming cars. Basically, the concept car changes shape at different speeds and in different wind conditions. This technology is awesome and sounds like something too advanced for this decade, yet the 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R adaptive aerodynamics are going to do exactly the same thing in the interest of performance.
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Extra Wings

Thanks to the black and white tape covering the outside of the testing model, it is actually a little difficult to notice. Who knew those disguises worked, anyway? If you wait until the insubordinate camera man zooms into the front quarter panel, you will notice an extruding wing that makes the car look like something Darth Vader might drive if he was a young orphan living in a galaxy far away. Although we think they look awesome, they won’t be practical for everyday use. That is why they will likely retract when they aren’t needed.

Larger Spoiler

One of the most significant visual observations we can make from what has leaked so far is the bigger wing on the back. Sometimes these spoilers can get in the way but unfortunately, they are needed with this much power.

Release Date

Unfortunately, Mercedes-AMG doesn’t want us to know when the GT R will go on sale yet. This could be because it wants to milk as many sales of the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S as it can, or maybe it just isn’t sure when it will be ready. Regardless of the reason, we won’t rest until we get answers. If you are cool or if you want to be cool, you will do yourself a favor and stay up to date on our blog to make sure you don’t miss any 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R updates!