Mercedes-Benz SUV Guide

Mercedes-Benz has an extensive SUV lineup--from the compact GLA SUV to the three-row GLS SUV to the beastly G-Class, the brand has something for everyone. Mercedes-Benz SUVs offer ultimate luxury, safety, and performance. Except for the GLS SUV, all SUV models are also offered as an AMG® configuration for driving enthusiasts interested in performance-oriented SUVs. The AMG® models offer more dynamic performance and sporty styling details. The team at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead created this SUV guide to help our customers find the perfect SUV that fits their specific needs.

Discover the Mercedes-Benz SUV lineup below, and schedule a test drive with us in the model of your choice.

GLA SUV in orange


Compact, yet capable, the GLA SUV offers an upscale cabin, fun-to-drive performance, and a budget-friendly starting price. 

2018 GLA
2017 GLA

AMG GLA SUV in white


The smallest AMG® SUV, the AMG® GLA SUV is incredibly mighty with its AMG®-enhanced engine and sporty styling details. 

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GLB SUV in blue


The GLB takes a bold stand with its off-road capability and optional 3rd-row seating as well as plenty of luxurious technology features

2020 GLB SUV

GLC SUV in silver


Versatility and practicality meet in the GLC SUV, while premium features and advanced technology come along for the ride.  

2018 GLC SUV
2017 GLC SUV

AMG GLC SUV in blue


Aggressively styled and thoroughly enhanced, the AMG® GLC SUV delivers thrilling performance and a premium driving experience.

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GLE SUV in silver


Upscale and spacious, the GLE SUV offers more engine power, as well as passenger and cargo space, for those who live for adventure.

2018 GLE SUV
2017 GLE SUV

AMG GLE SUV in black


Incredibly powerful and capable, the AMG® GLE SUV takes performance to the next level with advanced AMG® technology.

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AMG G-Class SUV in white

AMG® G-Class SUV

The AMG® G-Class features a handcrafted engine and advanced modifications to enhance its off-road abilities for ultimate performance.

2018 AMG® G-Class

GLS SUV in silver


A family-focused SUV, the GLS SUV offers three rows of seating and premium features throughout the cabin for the whole family to enjoy. 

2018 GLS
2017 GLS

G-Class SUV in brown

G-Class SUV

An iconic legend, the G-Class SUV is world-renowned for its distinctive styling elements and incredible off-road capabilities. 

2019 G-Class
2018 G-Class
2017 G-Class