2016 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class vs 2016 BMW M4

2016 Mercedes-Benz SL400


3.0L Biturbo V6

3,836 lbs.

20/27 MPG City/Hwy




Curb Weight


2016 BMW M4 Convertible


3.0L TwinPower Turbo I6

4,110 lbs.

17/24 MPG City/Hwy

2016 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class vs 2016 BMW M4

2016 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class' cabin

Some may argue that the SL-Class and the M4 are in different classes altogether. That might be true, but the reality is that for the extra $10,000 spent on the SL-Class, you get more than double that in added luxury and technology. Whether you are looking for a thrilling ride experiences, an efficient way to get to work, or a way to impress your peers, the 2016 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class vs 2016 BMW M4 comparison comes out the same way every time.

The SL-Class and the M4 are both right at home without a top. They both provide an engaging driving experience and they both have lineage that did more than help shape the automotive industry to what it is today. Aside from their iconic American status, however, the two sports cars use very different techniques to provide the level of enjoyment that they do. First, the SL-Class is a roadster. A roadster is a term that has been accepted for two-door, two-seat, convertibles. The M4, on the other hand, keeps the sedan approach alive with back seats and an extra jump in horsepower

Power to Weight Ratio

The M4 has more horsepower than the SL-Class. You could even go as far to say that the M4 has a lot more horsepower than the SL-Class. On paper, this looks great, but on the road, it is easy to see why the SL-Class doesn't need as much power to put a smile on your face. Without backseats, the SL-Class is able to attain a level of balance that is seldom achieved by a vehicle priced under $100,000. It is lightweight, responsive, and full of interior features that you won't find in the BMW. Additionally, the SL-Class is available with a 7-speed automatic transmission, exposing another flaw of the BMW M4, which comes standard with a 6-speed manual.

Overall, the SL-Class is an obvious choice over the M4. Sure, it is 10% more expensive than the M4, but it more responsive on a track, more efficient in traffic, and it comes with futuristic technologies like MAGIC SKY CONTROL and DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes. If you have any questions as to why the SL-Class towers over the M4, come to Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead to let the SL-Class speak for itself!

2016 BMW M4's cabin