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Experience Mercedes-Benz Safety


Decades of preparation. Milliseconds of proof.

From the invention of crumple zones to endless innovations in passenger protection and accident avoidance, the safety firsts of Mercedes-Benz have set the standard for all automobiles for well over half a century. Mercedes-Benz engineers are devoted to preparing for a moment they hope never occurs, constantly offering exclusive new breakthroughs to help make accidents less severe, less damaging, and much less likely.

True to their heritage, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are engineered to protect you and your loved ones in ways you might never have thought possible. Learn more about the brand’s signature safety systems below with research from the team here at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead. If you have additional questions about any of the Mercedes-Benz safety features, visit our dealership and talk to our team of experts!


A vision of the immediate future: Preparing for an accident before it happens.

The exclusive PRESAFE® system can sense when a collision might be imminent and help prepare for it in the moments leading up to it. PRESAFE® uses a network of sensors to detect certain conditions that suggest an accident is about to occur like extreme skidding or sudden, hard braking. Once the system senses danger, it tightens the front seatbelts, adjusts the front head restraints and passenger seat, and even closes the windows and sunroof to better protect occupants.

Available on the following models: C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, CLS, GLC, GLE, and GLS


Keeping an eye on you: Early warning for a driver.

An industry first, ATTENTION ASSIST® monitors the first few minutes of a drive to learn about the driver’s unique driving style. As the drive continues, the system can detect certain steering corrections that suggest the onset of drowsiness. The system considers several other factors and if it all adds up to driver fatigue, ATTENTION ASSIST® sounds an alert and displays an icon encouraging the driver to rest.

Available on the following models: CLA, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, CLS, GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS, and SLC

Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist

Always by your side: Added safety for multi-lane highways.

The Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist systems watch for possible danger in all directions. Blind Spot Assist detects other vehicles and alerts the driver if they signal for a lane change while a vehicle is in their blind spot. Lane Keeping Assist senses when a driver is drifting out of their lane and vibrates the steering wheel to alert the driver. Both systems can apply the brakes on one side of the vehicle to steer it back into its own lane.

Available on the following models: E-Class, S-Class, CLS, GLC, GLE, and GLS


Active Parking Assist

Parking as if by magic.

Active Parking Assist takes the hard work out of parallel parking by identifying a suitable parking space and steering the vehicle into it automatically at the press of a button. All the driver has to do is operate the accelerator and brake pedal.

Collision Prevention Assist Plus

Active protection all the time.

Collision Prevention Assist is an anticipatory driving assistance system that works with other driver-assistance systems to reduce the risk of a rear-end collision or considerably mitigate its effect. The system combines a radar-supported distance warning feature, braking assistance from Adaptive Brake Assist and an autonomous partial application of the brakes.