Mercedes-Benz Sedan & Wagon Guide

Mercedes-Benz offers four main sedans and three of those models are offered in both AMG® and non-AMG® configurations. The Mercedes-Benz model lineup also features a wagon offered in one AMG® and one non-AMG® configuration. Mercedes-Benz sedans offer thrilling performance, premium cabins, and sporty styling. The AMG® models take performance to the next level with racing-inspiring enhancements and design elements. The team at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead created this Sedan & Wagon guide to help shoppers find the vehicle that best serves their needs.

Discover the Mercedes-Benz Sedan & Wagon lineup below, and schedule a test drive with us in the model of your choice.

2018 S-Class Sedan in Silver

A-Class Sedan

The newest addition to the Mercedes-Benz lineup, the A-Class offers exciting new technology while still solidifying its place as one of the more affordable luxury models. 

2020 AMG® A 35
2019 A-Class Sedan 

*European model shown

2018 S-Class Sedan in Silver

C-Class Sedan

The C-Class is affordable, sporty, and sophisticated. Available in three configurations. 

2019 C-Class Sedan
2018 C-Class Sedan
2018 C 300 Sedan

*European model shown

e-class sedan in white

E-Class Sedan

Intelligence, innovation, and superiority are all hallmarks of the E-Class. Available in three configurations.

2018 E-Class Sedan
2018 E 300 Sedan

*European model shown

s-class sedan in silver

S-Class Sedan

The S-Class delivers a first-class driving experience with an arsenal of incredible features. Available in four configurations.

2018 S-Class Sedan
2018 S 450 Sedan

*European model shown

mercedes-maybach in brown


The Mercedes-Maybach sets the bar for the luxury sedan segment. Available in one stunningly upscale, premium configuration. 

2018 Maybach

*European model shown

E-Class Wagon in red

E-Class Wagon

Incredibly capable and versatile, the E-Class Wagon exists in a class of its own. Available in one non-AMG® and one AMG® configuration. 

2019 E-Class Wagon

*European model shown

AMG C-Class Sedan in Silver

AMG® C-Class Sedan

The AMG® C-Class Sedan features race-inspired performance and enhancements. Available in three configurations. 

2018 AMG® C 43 Sedan

*European model shown

AMG® E-Class Sedan

The AMG® E-Class Sedan delivers exhilarating performance and features sporty design elements. Available in two configurations.

*European model shown

AMG S-Class Sedan in black

AMG® S-Class Sedan

The AMG® S-Class Sedan adds racing performance technology to its first-class luxury. Available in two configurations. 

Coming Soon!

*European model shown