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Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead

The Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program was created to meet the needs of corporate customers interested in purchasing or leasing Mercedes-Benz vehicles for inclusion in their corporate fleets. The program grants consumers the opportunity to use an exclusive incentive on the purchase or lease of a top-performing luxury vehicle. The Corporate Sales Program under the Fleet Program extends the automaker’s full incentive offering ($1,000-$7,000) to companies with three or more Mercedes-Benz vehicles that utilize their own source of funding. The program’s upfront savings, combined with a strong, competitive back-end residual, provides a highly competitive total cost of ownership.

If your company is considering adding Mercedes-Benz vehicles to its fleet, enrolling in the Corporate Sales Program can give you access to benefits designed to help make purchasing fleet vehicles even easier and more cost-effective. If you have decided to participate in the Corporate Sales Program, you need to apply for a Corporate Account Number (CAN) from Mercedes-Benz.

To qualify for a CAN, the following criteria must be met: your company must have five or more vehicles that are currently registered in the company name, and the registrations must be currently active. Once approved, your company will receive a Corporate Account Number (CAN) allowing your company to purchase vehicles through the program. The offers are based on dollar amounts and paid from the first vehicle purchased after qualifying for the program. All offers and programs are for qualified customers only.

To enroll in the Corporate Sales Program, click here.

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