Mercedes-Benz Coupe Guide

The Mercedes-Benz model lineup features eight coupe models, three of which are Mercedes-AMG® models. Mercedes-Benz coupes are sleek, sporty, and incredibly powerful. The AMG® models are equipped with performance-enhancing equipment and exclusive design elements. The following coupe guide from the team here at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead is designed to help you find the coupe of your dreams.

Discover the Mercedes-Benz Coupe lineup below and schedule a test drive with us in the model of your choice.

CLA Coupe in Silver

CLA Coupe

The CLA Coupe offers an irresistible style and thrilling performance at an affordable price. Offered in three model options, including an AMG® option.

2019 CLA Coupe
2018 CLA Coupe

*European model shown
C-Class Coupe in Red

C-Class Coupe

Sporty and stylish, the C-Class Coupe delivers incredibly powerful, responsive performance. Offered in two model options.

2018 C-Class Coupe

*European model shown
AMG C-Class Coupe in Black

AMG® C-Class Coupe

The AMG® C-Class Coupe boasts AMG® performance enhancements and design elements. Offered in three model options. 

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*European model shown
E-Class Coupe in Black

E-Class Coupe

The E-Class Coupe offers an ideal balance of turbocharged power, sophistication, and intelligence. Available in two model options.

2018 E-Class Coupe

*European model shown
CLS Coupe in Silver

CLS Coupe

The CLS Coupe is a flagship model that continues to define the segment with brilliance in every aspect. Available in three model options. 

2019 CLS Coupe
2018 CLS Coupe

*European model shown
S-Class Coupe in Silver

S-Class Coupe

The S-Class Coupe delivers incredible performance while treating passengers to a first-class riding experience. Offered as a single model. 

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*European model shown
AMG S-Class Coupe in White

AMG® S-Class Coupe

The AMG S-Class Coupe® sports race-inspired enhancements to deliver power without inhibitions. Available in two model options. 

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*European model shown
AMG GT Coupe in Silver

AMG® GT Coupe

A reinvention of the pure sports car, the AMG® GT Coupe was engineered to excite and designed to inspire. Offered in four model options. 

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*European model shown